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 Tuesday, 30 June 2009   abstauber

Hello and Welcome!
After quite some time, it’s finally time to launch this homepage.
It’s still a little empty here, as  the  content will be added little by little. In the near future myself and  probably others are going to post impressions from the development of ShattenReyze and, apart from that, we’ll add lots of infos about this game its story.
So please don’t hesitate to check back later.

And again, please enjoy your stay!

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  1. Ghost says:
    Comment — Monday, 6 July 2009 @ 03:26

    Ich bin gespannt- auf den AGS Boards sah das ja alles schon sehr vielversprechend aus, und mit Ben/Kaputtnik kann’s nur noch besser werden.
    Viel Erfolg!

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