A story about snowflakes

 Tuesday, 14 July 2009   abstauber

Storytelling, maybe one of the best parts of the game creation… if it just weren’t about adventure games. Okay, it’s still fun, but you have to look out not to leave the gameplay behind.

And after collecting some nice ideas and puzzles there’s still the hurdle to connect it all to one good story.

Here’s one method, that helped me a lot to get out of the writers block – it’s called “Snowflake Method”.

All in all you begin with cramming you whole story into one short sentence. After that you get 4 more sentences to mark the cornerstones. If you’ve finished all steps,  you’ll get a nice skeleton you can stick to. Also it helps you to rethink the whole thing from a whole new position. Well, see for yourself, here’s the link:


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