ShattenReyze [‘ʃatn̩][‘ʀaɪ̯zə]

What it all about: four questions, four answers

ShattenReyze, what is that?
ShattenReyze is a classic Point and Clickt Adventure in the tradition of those from the early 90s. Technically the resolution of 320×200 pixels might appear a little outdated, but the love is in the details.
And to be honest – cellphone games might have an even lower resolution 😉

Why does it have to be a graphic adventure?
Making an adventure game gives us the chance to transport a very intensive gaming experience. Also by choosing the genre, we avoid technical hurdles.
Imagine a modern fan made game made with the Doom-Engine. That probably won’t interest anyone anymore. The technical state of adventures however hasn’t changed much in the last years. Sure, the presentation had improved a lot, but the main thing is still the same: Telling a great story.

Who doing it?
In defiance of social engineering, here are the nicks in alphabetical order:
Abstauber – Story and Graphics
Ben304 – Animation
Kaputtnik – Story and Music
Kastchey – Background Graphics

There are also a lot of “guest authors” who contributed lots of modules to the code:
KhrisMuc, Jerakeen, SSH, Proskrito, Rulaman, Scorpiorus, Steve McCrea uvm.

Finally: We’re using Chris Jones’ Adventure Game Studio 3.

When will it be done?
That’ll take some time. As always 😉

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  1. blount says:
    Comment — Wednesday, 18 November 2009 @ 08:41


    Euer Spiel sieht richtig klasse aus! Freu mich schon drauf! Falls ihr Beta-Tester braucht 🙂 Gerne!

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