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How we make our graphics

 Tuesday, 12 January 2010   abstauber

Hurray, a new year has begun, we started working on our shadow trip again – so why not telling an inside story about Pixel Art! I’ve chosen this background, because I made it completely by mouseclicks. No drawings, no tablet, no scans. In other words, you just need patience and almost no talent. As for […]

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A story about snowflakes

 Tuesday, 14 July 2009   abstauber

Storytelling, maybe one of the best parts of the game creation… if it just weren’t about adventure games. Okay, it’s still fun, but you have to look out not to leave the gameplay behind. And after collecting some nice ideas and puzzles there’s still the hurdle to connect it all to one good story. Here’s […]

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 Friday, 10 July 2009   abstauber

Well, I think it’s time to post something here. (and please, don’t compare my translation to the original 😛 ) First of all, thanks for all cheering comments we’ve recieved so far. I’m having a hard time, not to spoil even more stuff 😉 So for now, it’s only small news from the dev kitchen […]

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Site launched

 Tuesday, 30 June 2009   abstauber

Hello and Welcome! After quite some time, it’s finally time to launch this homepage. It’s still a little empty here, as  the  content will be added little by little. In the near future myself and  probably others are going to post impressions from the development of ShattenReyze and, apart from that, we’ll add lots of […]

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Hello, World.

 Sunday, 7 June 2009   Bundeskanzler Krang

The first post and google friends are welcome to participate.

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